MD10k has previously SOLD OUT in LESS than 24hrs which can only be due to the amazing success and reputation of our event. We are aware however that circumstances change and within the months since entering our race appreciate you may no longer be able to attend, and so we offer the opportunity to return your place and obtain a refund (minus initial admin fee) up until 1st April. Until 1st May we also give you the opportunity to transfer your place to a friend using the DIY process. Unfortunately we are unable to process any transfers after May 1st.

ENTERED BUT CAN’T RUN? If you’ve booked to run and can’t attend please email support@fullonsport.com 1st April. Your place will be offered to another runner and you will receive a refund once it is sold (minus initial admin fee).

TRANSFERS Should you choose to transfer your place to another runner, details on how you can DIY transfer until 1st May are within FAQ’s – we will not enter into any disputes if you choose this method of transfer (and so encourage you to return your place to Full on Sport before 1st April). Race packs are most likely to be sent out to the registered runner at the address recorded as at 1st April – if your transfer is conducted after that date you are responsible for passing the race pack to the new runner once it is delivered (approx. mid April).

NOT ENTERED BUT WANT TO RUN? If you’d like to be added to waiting list please submit your details to this link, thank you! In the event of a place being returned it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list who will receive an email giving 48hrs to accept it – if they don’t it gets offered to the next and so on. We made hundreds of changes last year before the transfer window was closed; our waiting list is huge and so unfortunately, it is very unlikely all on the list will be able to join us this year… but hundreds will be lucky.

ELITE RUNNERS – if you have confirmation of having run a 10k (UKA registered) in sub 34 mins (men) or sub 39 mins (ladies) please email marketdrayton10k@gmail.com BEFORE 1st May and please include details of your official UKA registered qualifying race held since the previous Market Drayton 10k.

COMPLIMENTARY OFFERS OF ENTRY AWARDED DURING previous year – these must be claimed BEFORE 1st January by emailing marketdrayton10k@gmail.com

RAISING SPONSORSHIP OR AWARENESS OF A LOCAL GOOD CAUSE – we offer a small number of complimentary entries to runners to enable them to fully support their cause. If this is of interest to you please make an application to marketdrayton10k@gmail.com BEFORE January 1st . If shortlisted we will require details of your intentions and also (at a later date) confirmation of funds raised and paid – we’d hope to share updates from these runners on our social media. Race Directors decision is final.

THE FUTURE (subject to confirmation & change)……

MARKET DRAYTON 10k 2018 is on Sunday 13th May

Entry system will be online Saturday July 1st (after mid-day) and managed by Full On Sport, the cost of processing each entry will be £2 which is non-refundable.

Race entry will cost; Affiliated runner (to UKA) £18 and non-affiliated runner £20

Important dates;

1st January – application window for free entry in support of local good causes closes. These are limited and at the discretion of the Race Director.

1st May – application window for sponsored, elite and complimentary entries closes.

1st April – refund/transfer window closes

1st May – DIY transfer window closes (requires original runner to undertake DIY online changes and arrange transfer of race pack/money between replacement and themselves)

We are unable to offer deferrals to the following year, but you can transfer your place using the online DIY process until May 1st.

There will be NO race day transfers under any circumstances, all transfers between runners can be undertaken on line before 1st May using the DIY process.


Market Drayton 10K
The Grove School
Newcastle Road
Market Drayton

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