FAQs (these will be updated periodically)
* MD10k 2018 is on SUNDAY May 13th 2018. Entries go on sale 6pm Saturday July 1st 2017.
* Can’t remember if you entered?

Go to www.marketdrayton10k.co.uk home page and click on the big green button (the one that says ‘book your place’), scroll down to PARTICIPANT LIST and click… now input runners name and GO! All runners who have entered online will be listed.
All runners will also have received an email confirmation to the email used at time of entry, this may have gone to your junk/spam folders. Any disputes can be emailed to support@fullonsport.com

* Can qualifying elite runners and those who had a complimentary (non transferable) invitation to the event still apply?
These applications need to be submitted to the Race Director before May 1st

* Entered MD10k but can’t run it ?
Refund system closes 1st April and our DIY transfer window closes 1st May. We are unable to defer entries and there are NO race day transfers.

* Can I transfer my 10k place to another runner?
YES – until 1st May you can DIY those changes IF you can also pass your race pack to the new runner – the replacement runner runs in the same race chip which may bear name of original runner.

How do I DIY transfer?
1. Log in to your www.fullonsport.com account using email and password
2. Once logged in click the menu button (top right hand corner)
3. Click on ‘my entries’ within ‘my account’ section
4. Click EDIT next to the event
5. Make changes
6. Click SAVE

MD10k Team & Full On Sport will not enter into any disputes.

* Can I transfer my child’s Fun Run place?
Unfortunately this is not possible under any circumstance

* Changed address/name/club since entering?
You can DIY these changes BEFORE 1st May and they’ll show in the results on race day. NO changes are possible after that day. If you haven’t done so and will be unable to retrieve your race pack from a previous address we will replace it on race day at a cost of £5 cash. If this applies to you please email support@fullonsport.com with the following in the subject line:
and then provide your old and new addresses. You will be expected to collect your number on race day BEFORE 1030.

* Racing packs –
entered but you haven’t got one?
Don’t worry; we’ll let you know when they go out in the post & how to tell us if you need a replacement from 1st May. If it’s our fault we’ll replace it free of charge – £5 otherwise.

* Got a question re your entry?
Email support@fullonsport.com

* Got a question re the Fun Run?
Email marketdrayton10k@gmail.com

* Got a question re the field (pitches/layout etc)?
Email marketdrayton10k@gmail.com

* Got a question re something else?
please send a private message to our Facebook page (posts on the page can be missed) or email marketdrayton10k@gmail.com – please put something in the subject field to identify what your question is about.
We’ll do all we can to answer your questions, please be mindful that whilst Full On Sport is a business managing entries the event itself is organised by volunteers and so response may not be same day (but we do try). If you send a question via FB you may be referred back to FAQ’s if the answer can be found here.

MD10k Team

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